Favorite Summer Time Movies

I’m extremely lucky in that I have unique venues to watch movies in the summer…the beach (yes, EVERYTHING can be done at the beach and it is better) and the drive-in (I really do watch the movie…).

The beach movies are oldies but goodies. While most of the movies they play change every year, they bring back one of favorites – The Goonies.


The Drive-in has all new releases —- I watched the Suicide Squad, Tarzan, Ghost Busters, Captain America, and a few others while sitting in my car eating pizza, drinking vodka slushies (went with friends one of whom lost at rock/paper/scissors to be the dd), and enjoying time with my friends.

Summer is actually when I see the most movies and partly because of the drive-in and the beach. In the winter every minute is accounted for… my crazy day job is 50 hours, then battling the laundry dragon, evicting dust rabbits, cooking, and my writing. Not much time for movies.

My favorite movies so far this summer (in random order):

  1. Finding Dory
  2. The Legend of Tarzan
  3. Star Trek
  4. Suicide Squad
  5. Jason Bourne
  6. Top Gun (this was one of the oldies shown at the beach…but it was still good)
  7. Ice Age – Collision Course
  8. The Princess Bride (Another beach movie)