New releases, trying to find planner peace, and juggling the real side of writing.

Good Morning! Happy doughnut worry and be happy Monday.



This week’s doughnut was brought to be a local bakery that is responsible for my yoga pants being tooooo tight. I mean look at those ….

And I’m stress eating because once again I’m struggling with my planner. I know right…when does this get easier??? I’m beginning to believe that finding planner peace is like finding a calorie free doughnut…. Or an unicorn.

So what’s wrong with my planner…it’s cute…it has room to write – well some room. I had to move to a second planner for my social media stuff. So the Happy Planner is basically a writer’s planner. Which is fine but then I have a small planner for my day to day life. So that’s ((3)) planners!!! Yes I have mad math skills – I don’t want to be the multi planner girl. Just. Don’t.


I’ve played with trying to use my big Happy Planner for everything. But it get’s toooooo crowded. I over look things. All of which makes me eat more doughnuts. I’m thinking about getting a writing planner – a planner just for writers – and then using the big Happy planner for my day to day. And while the layout of the writer’s planner is different, I’m still not sure about the space….sigh… Now do you see why I have a plate of doughnuts????

The other major struggle that I need peace in is the admin side of writing. It’s crazy what a writer has to do besides write. It’s like if I wanted to cook dinner…1. Invent the recipe  2. Grow the ingredients 3. Prep the dish 4. Cook the dish 5. Do the dishes 6. Carry the dish to the table…


This is just my social media planner…for both writers and my VA business…it’s crazy. Don’t. Do. It.

People only see the finished product… I someone how have to find a balance…to become one with all the parts of writing. Or in famous words of Star Wars…

 “I’m one with the Force. The Force is with me.” — Chirrut Îmwe

Now to the exciting part… I have a new release… a Halloween romance suspense… yup pretty awesome!

teaser 1.jpg

Come back tomorrow for the hook and cover reveal 🙂