Mindset Monday

Today’s mindset is …. crazy time and chapstick.  I just came off a weekend of parties with 7 year old guest. It was beyond brutal! And we have 3 more parties before Halloween.

To this maddness I have decided to participate in NANOWRIMO (write a book in a month). And I have content edits for Witch’s Curse. And I have 2 book releases. So I’m really counting on the force of the doughnut to be with me…


I have set up my NaNoWriMo planning book. I’m a total pantser… I’m going to write To Trust a Demon. (I’m hoping it makes it into the 2019 publishing schedule). I’ll have a blog post and youtube video on how to set a NaNoWriMo notebook on Wednesday on Tasarla’s blog

So besides writing NaNoWriMo I’m kicking off my VA blog which will have a grandparent raising or co-raising their grandchild(ren) slant. I go live on Novemember 1 so I’ll have a link next Monday if anyone is interested. I’m talking about getting back into the groove of menu planning. I’m going to use the post as examples of my content skills.

I’m also launching my Journaling site November 1.  November will be focusing on the Tree of Life – your tree of life. Who are your roots? Who are your branchs? Who are your leaves? I’ll have the sign up link here on Thursday.

Because you know who needs to sleep???

I’ve waited for things to ‘settle’ down. To find my groove with the seven-year-old being in school. I’ve decided there is no groove and I’m loosing time trying to find it. So, I’m setting my own groove.  If I don’t try, I’ll never know.  I’ve waited a lot of years for things to settle down. For there to be a time for me to get my hustle going. No more, I’m hustling and everyone is going to have to just come along with me.


I told my seven-year-old that I was going to start a new dance and he would have to keep up. He asked me if we were dabbing or flossing! I love him so hard.

And now onto the second thing consuming my mindset…chapstick. And lotion. But mostly chapstick. Every fall, all the mositure leaves my lips and moves south. I swear!!!! It’s brutal. It’s not a one tube problem. I need a tube by my bed, in my purse, by my computer, in the kitchen, EVERYWHERE! And I need to replace them almost weekly. Right now my favor flavor is sugar cookie (it tastes like a doughnut). Am I the only  that has a favorite flavor?

Does the season change cause your body to go crazy?



Get ready, get set, WRITE!

If you’re a writer than you probably know November is National Write a Novel In a Month. While I don’t necessary official participate, I do enjoy hearing how other writers prepare for this. This past week I’ve read Lynn Viehl’s Way of the Cheetah – How to Boost Your Productively. She offers this as free resource during this prep time (at http://pbackwriter.blogspot.com/ )

 One of the first sections is motivation. The cheetah’s hunts because he has to survive – as Ms. Viehl points out there are no cheetah Burger King.

 So why do I write?

 Because I enjoy it. I have other ways for making money to pay my bills – so survival isn’t my driving force.  And this offers a conflict in her number one principal – give writing 100% of my focus. In the past I have wrote when I ‘felt’ like it or could squeeze it into my day. If I’m going to move to a fulltime write, I need to change this mind set.

 How do I make writing my number one focus?

 Since many writers will spend November making this their focus by altering their schedule for ultimate output, I’ve decide to become a more active member of the event.

 My kick-off writing schedule:

 5am – 9 am Blog/breakfast/taking dog for a walk/house upkeep- Since I’m not a plotter I plan on using this time as a ‘mental brainstorming’ period. What better to take my mind off moping than planning a steamy love scene 😉

9 am – 3 pm  New writing (small breaks of no more than 10 minutes with ½ for lunch – this is the longest block of time I’ve ever tried to do any SINGLE activity)

3 pm – 3:30 pm Social networking, e-mails

7:00 pm – 10 pm Edits/new writing/working out plot hiccups

My daily goal to start out with is about 6k new words a day.  Now I have no idea if this writing schedule will work, like I said I’ve never done a major time block for writing.

Do you do writing spurts or large blocks?  How do you keep your focus in during the marathon? Or how do you refocus after each spurt?