Motivation Monday

February recap

While I didn’t make my over writing goals, it was a descent month for me:

    • Wrote, edited, and subbed short novella – Kick Start for an anthology call.
    • Finished my holiday suspense romance
    • Almost 1/3 of the way with young adult series
    • Finished line edits for naughty fairy tale
    • Blogged on a almost regular bases

Again the biggest area, I lacked in -again – is promo :”( Over all word count was only 400 less than my target. The short novella wasn’t planned so it threw off my individual word goal on my different planned pieces. I’m hoping to add the missing 8k to my young adult in March. We have several ½ days at the day job and spring break begins the first week of April. If I don’t then I’ll make permanent changes to my writing que.

Have your heard the saying if March comes in like a lion it will go out like a sheep… I’m hoping to be a lion all month. I have ‘big’ plans for March.

This is in one of the guys I get to hand out with my month :D

This is in one of the guys I get to hand out with my month 😀

My goals for the month of March ~

FINALLY - get to write his story :D :D

FINALLY – get to write his story 😀 😀

    • ~Make edits to naughty fairy tale and submit
    • ~plot cupid series (3 books) using the series bible worksheets and Rock your Plot (both new to me)
    • ~Start my ultimate fighter story~ word goal – 15k
    • ~work on young adult  ~ word goal – 30k



What are your goals for March?


Motivation Monday

I return to the day job today after 15 days off.  I’d like to say I have incredible word totals – completed work to brag about. Nope.  Discovered a major plot flaw in my holiday romance suspense novella so I had to go back and chop leaving it without a left leg or head.  I have reconstructed the leg and I’m working on the face.

I also did some ‘prep’ work that I’m hoping will lead to higher word counts while juggling the day job.

So this weeks goal –

  1. Finish the holiday suspense romance novella
  2. Make edit changes on the naughty fairy tale
  3. Finish the world building for my new young adult

I really really really want to finish my holiday suspense romance novella. What is my ‘dangling carrot’? The thing that is driving me to complete this novella? Sure I have my next adult  suspense romance waiting in the wings. BUT….it’s my next hero. He’s a MMA fighter (and my heroine is a cookie baker.) My hero…he’s hot, he’s edgy, and he comes with a healthy dose of attitude.


Who wouldn't write about him???

Who wouldn’t write about him???

mm jan 7

This guy is waiting for me…

My motivation this week….

Writer’s Wednesday

A Pantsers planning tool.

I’m a pantser – I’ve been trying to convert to more of a plotter but so far it’s been as effective as trying to climb a mountain of Jell-o.  I was asked not too long along by a new writer as a pantser what kind of planning do I do?

Well, the answer is very little.  I do more of record keeping as I write.  The one thing I do is describe my characters. I do this on index cards. The main and reoccurring secondary characters each have their own cards while I keep a ‘master’ list of all characters on another card. 

Depending on the length of the story, I use different ways of keep track of them.  For full length I use 3-ring binders. For novellas over 20,000, I use the 3-prong folders. For short novellas, like the one I wrote for Christmas, I do something like this….(click on the pic for a closer look and description)

Because I’m a VERY visual person so whatever I use will have some sort of pictures on it. For this novella the front is for pictures that inspire the story. I hang it on the corkboard I have by computer so when I settle down to write I look at it and the muse takes over.  On the back I have index cards for the characters, the blurb, promo ideas & blog dates, and submission info (including the guidelines, publisher website, and e-mail addy).  I also have a very ‘loose’ summary typed up – I usually keep these somewhere between 100 to 150 words. It’s meant to just keep me from diving too keep into rabbit holes.

Once this novella is completed and submitted, I take this down and file it until I hear back. If it’s rejected, I update the submission info with the second publisher I send it to.  I will also use it when doing edits. Reading over the character cards brings those characters back into focus and I find I can do the edits much easier and quicker.

So there is a pantsers form of plotting for a short novella….