New releases, trying to find planner peace, and juggling the real side of writing.

Good Morning! Happy doughnut worry and be happy Monday.



This week’s doughnut was brought to be a local bakery that is responsible for my yoga pants being tooooo tight. I mean look at those ….

And I’m stress eating because once again I’m struggling with my planner. I know right…when does this get easier??? I’m beginning to believe that finding planner peace is like finding a calorie free doughnut…. Or an unicorn.

So what’s wrong with my planner…it’s cute…it has room to write – well some room. I had to move to a second planner for my social media stuff. So the Happy Planner is basically a writer’s planner. Which is fine but then I have a small planner for my day to day life. So that’s ((3)) planners!!! Yes I have mad math skills – I don’t want to be the multi planner girl. Just. Don’t.


I’ve played with trying to use my big Happy Planner for everything. But it get’s toooooo crowded. I over look things. All of which makes me eat more doughnuts. I’m thinking about getting a writing planner – a planner just for writers – and then using the big Happy planner for my day to day. And while the layout of the writer’s planner is different, I’m still not sure about the space….sigh… Now do you see why I have a plate of doughnuts????

The other major struggle that I need peace in is the admin side of writing. It’s crazy what a writer has to do besides write. It’s like if I wanted to cook dinner…1. Invent the recipe  2. Grow the ingredients 3. Prep the dish 4. Cook the dish 5. Do the dishes 6. Carry the dish to the table…


This is just my social media planner…for both writers and my VA business…it’s crazy. Don’t. Do. It.

People only see the finished product… I someone how have to find a balance…to become one with all the parts of writing. Or in famous words of Star Wars…

 “I’m one with the Force. The Force is with me.” — Chirrut Îmwe

Now to the exciting part… I have a new release… a Halloween romance suspense… yup pretty awesome!

teaser 1.jpg

Come back tomorrow for the hook and cover reveal 🙂


Monday’s Listifylife

This week’s listifylife are things I do to relax….

Anything that involves the beach is relaxing for me… reading at beach…writing at the beach…sitting at the beach.


Make Time to sail away from life

Reading anywhere is relaxing. I usually have at least two books going sometimes three. One book that stays in my bedroom for nighttime, early morning, or ‘asthma’ reading. (Our bedroom is the only room with AC so when the humidity rockets, I’m like a little kid and get sent to my bedroom until I can breathe). The other travels with me in my purse. During the ‘warm’ months of cold Michigan, I have one on the porch.

Crocheting and needle point/cross stitching. I try to do 1 and 1/2 baby blankets a month. One blanket a month is donated to Project Linus and a blanket every other month to our church’s baby ministry.



Cooking – I include my drink ‘inventions’ that I feature on Thirsty Thursday under this.


My black moon martini







Journaling- I use journals for many different things. It’s a place of reflection, a place for venting, and a place of dreaming. I follow the ‘no’ rules of journaling. I have read tons of books on journal trying to figure out the ‘key.’ How do I make journaling work for me? I have some really ugly journals…but about two years ago, I figured how to journal for ME and since then it has been very relaxing. A companion to journaling is my day planner. I ‘decorate’ the week every Sunday night. It’s a great way for me to shift from my ‘all writer’ mindset to my ‘crazy day job’ mindset.


My new obsession (which isn’t that new)

My newest obsession which is really a spin-off of an old obsession – time management – is decorating my planner. For….y…e…a…r…s, I’ve struggled to find the ideal planner. I have purchased enough planners throughout the years, that I think I have broken some laws and yet nothing seemed to work. Or last. I would soon grow bored with them. I’d spot a newer shiner version and wham, I’d be transferring ALL my data over. Then a couple of months later, I’d spy one that I thought I’d like better. That would fit my life better. I was like a gerbil in a wheel chasing the prefect chocolate cake doughnut…

THEN….came 2016. My focus of the year is to ‘reinvent’ myself. For the last couple of years I have been trying to force myself into a cookie cutter. It’s not worked well for me. As a part of me being me, I looked at what ((I)) wanted in a planner… not what others did.

I don’t need a planner with hourly blocks, my day just doesn’t flow like that. My crazy day job is…well…crazy. What I need is a place to track daily writing goals, weekly deadlines, and commitments. A place to log appointments. And somewhere to track to bills, spending, and other boring life details. I needed a planner that was shiny – all the  time.

Here is what I came up with 🙂 Every Sunday, I decorate the week with a theme that varies. On the pages themselves write the books I plan on reading that week (this helps me stay focus and not waste time drooling on the my stack of TBR). Set goals. Put in appointments. List journal topics.

blog 3

This week


Last week it was all about life


Another example



I have found that by combining the ‘boring’ this is what I need to do with the creative part of my brain I’m three months in and I’m still loving it. While I know this won’t work for everyone, actually it probably won’t work for anyone but me. But isn’t that the point of a planner – it works for YOU.

So what makes your planner prefect for YOU?