Writer’s Wednesday

Today I’m going to start a new series for Writer’s Wednesday on writing prompts…I know some writers use prompts daily to ‘start’ the juices. I’m not that but I do occasionally like to do prompts, mostly when I’m ‘stuck’. I use the prompt as a free writing tool to let my mind wander (like it doesn’t do it enough on it’s own that I need to encourage this behavior).

The series I’m doing is how to turn a magazine into a writer’s prompt journal. I came up with the idea last week as I sat at the beach relaxing and thumbing through the pages of the latest InStyle magazine. I often use magazines to make story boards/pages for a story I’m working on but I realized a lot of the pages sparked different ideas. For example, here is the second page of the magazine….


I used both pages for this prompt


I added the admit one ticket I had in my storyboard stash



She’s going to be my focus for these prompts…




My plan is to focus on the same character through out the magazine. I don’t know her name yet (I struggle with names) but I do know that

  • she has a daughter – one of the phases above the admit one ticket is… she lures men to their death to protect her daughter. I’m not sure what that means exactly.
  • I know her eyes are going to have something to do with the story…
  • My hero is aware of the stakes because one of the lines in my free writing is…He has one chance to save her … 

I’m going to definitely use the next two pages and I plan on doing those this week so make sure to check back to see how the prompts are going.

Do you use writing prompts? If so what kind are they and when?


Writer’s Wednesday

Here is the UNEDITED opening for my new WIP…Mock cover


“What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is up for grabs,” Jennifer giggled as she snatched Geoff’s doughnut.

“There’s an entire case of them.” He pointed the counter.

“Good, now I don’t feel guilty at all.” Jennifer sunk her teeth into the chocolate cake donut and her crystal blue eyes danced with merriment.

Standing, Geoff smiled. He couldn’t believe he’d been so stupid to think he’d wanted another woman. Guilt curled its ugly fingers around his stomach and squeezed. No, he wouldn’t let ghost from the past ruin their day. Jenn had forgiven him. End of story. “Do you want more coffee? Or another donut for yourself?”

“Are you trying to get me fat?”

Geoff shook his head and put his hands up in surrender. “You’re beautiful and perfect the way you are.” Leaning over he lightly kissed her forehead and the faint springy smell of honeysuckle from her soap filled his airways. “Love you.”

“To the moon and back,” she completed.

As he walked to the counter, he stopped and turned to his left. From the corner of his eye he’d sworn, he’d seen – nothing. Just people enjoying their sunny Saturday morning.

“A madcap coffee,” he ordered.

The woman nodded, tears filling her eyes. “Please sir,” she whispered handing him a folded piece of paper.

It seemed as if opening it had sucked all the air from room making it possible for his lungs to function and sent his heart into over-drive.

You are a man who holds so many lives in his hands.
You either walk out the back door.
Not a word to your wife or anyone.
Or I blow up the entire coffee shop.
Ask the wonderful barista for a view of the beautiful bomb I created for just this occasion.

Geoff lifted his eyes and the woman held up her arm. It was a bomb. No doubt.
The sweet scent of honeysuckle from Jenn’s soap lingered in his lungs as he stepped out into the alley.

Tourist Tuesday

Pictures by a backyard tourist….I’ve always wanted to travel – still do – but I’ve also come to appreciate the beauty and wonder in my own backyard.

This week’s backyard tourist picture was taken APRIL 2!!!!!! Crazy I know but mother nature is clearly having issues and I’m trying to be supportive… by featuring her craziness in it’s beauty.


I like this picture for several reason – the stressed out over worked side of me loves the stillness, the solitude. It’s the same solitude that has my writer side vibrating with possibilities…. The way the trees provide a frame but who is looking???? A killer scoping out a dumping spot??? A lover waiting for her/his partner??? Or is the frame a portal into some frozen world???? My writer side is very complex 😉

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the picture and please feel free to share in favorite backyard tourist shots you may have

When you a teaser what is that you look for? A sneak peek at the romance? This week’s Tuesday Teaser comes from Kick Start – my hot motocross 😀 And is a ‘tension’ teaser….

Danger was what Jada Anderson and Dezmond Blance thrived on. They thought flying through the air on a dirt bike was the ultimate high.  Until they fell in love….then they find themselves racing against a murder.

Danger was what Jada Anderson and Dezmond Blance thrived on. They thought flying through the air on a dirt bike was the ultimate high. Until they fell in love….then they find themselves racing against a murder.

The blurb ~
Jada Anderson had known from the beginning it would only be a three week hook-up. Nothing more than twenty-one days of great dirt bike riding, nights spent drinking bat bites, and making awesome love. So she left without a word on the twenty-first morning.

Dezmond Blance has the chance to take his career as a motocross rider to the next level. He’s been invited to compete for a spot on one of the national top ranked teams. After a great ride, he’s ready to celebrate but he’s missing one thing – the woman who stole his heart weeks earlier. To his surprise Jada is there to congratulate him.

When he wakes the next morning and finds her gone, he thinks she’s done another vanishing act until his mechanic’s wife comes up missing to. Now both men must race to find the women they love before the next try-outs.
Danger was what Jada Anderson and Dezmond Blance thrived on. They thought flying through the air on a dirt bike was the ultimate high. Until they fell in love….then they find themselves racing against a murder.



Here is a suspense teaser ~
Dez hit one of the hills too fast and at the wrong angle, causing his bike to twist under him.

“Shit,” Rose whispered as Jada sucked in a deep breath of the gritty desert air.

Jada curled her fingers into a tight ball as Dez landed on his extended left leg. He pulled the bike in position and continued to ride. Had he broken his leg? She knew he’d ride as long as he could, the adrenaline pushing the pain into a small box to be dealt with later. Tears filled her eyes as she worked her bottom lips between her teeth.



Monday Mayhem

I’ll announce the gift card and swag winners tomorrow. I have a lingering question for the hop organizer. And if you were part of the hop – thanks!!!!!
The evil day job is chugging right along. Last week was crazy so not a lot writing :/ but this is a short week and I planned better. Planning is the key and I hate it! There is NOTHING shiny about planning. It’s boring and impossible. How do I know what I want to eat on Tuesday when I’m at the store on Saturday? I have no idea what I will want to wear on Wednesday while I’m ironing on Sunday! People who do know these things sort of creep me out like they are aliens or something ;p
Even though I may not know what I want to eat or wear, I did plan out my blog topics and writing goals. Once again because I’m a pantser, my writing goals aren’t chapter outlines *shudders at the thought* but ‘key story events.’ The goal is to have the set-up story for Fated Desires done before this Friday so I can start a new WIP on my 3 ½ day weekend. And of course, I have to decide what that will be. I’ve table the cupid series three times this year, I’m a thinkin’ my muse isn’t grooving on writing about three cupids that are in hot water even when one of them looks like this….

The Cupid....

The Cupid….

I also have the Kringle series that needs to finished this year. That’s six books in six months, I guess the rest of my 2014 will be a book in a month….
I have to decide which one TODAY! I need to start working the character profiles (by this I mean names and gathering pic – no five or six page interviews here). As a bribe, I’m offering my muse a doughnut 🙂
Bribing my muse to pick either the cupid series or the Kringle series....

Bribing my muse to pick either the cupid series or the Kringle series….

So what are your plans for the week leading to Summer’s kick-off weekend? Besides writing and the evil day job, I really would like to have Spring and Summer over to my house, share a little vodka and try to understand why they haven’t throat punched Mother Nature so she will let it warm up (34 degrees this morning folks!!!!)

Monday Maddness

Back at the evil day job… I’d been gone for almost 9 months and it doesn’t seem like a blink. Funny how things don’t change in areas. The politics are still in full swing coating everything in a thick blanket of negativity.
While the day job is toxic the writing is chugging along. I write more when I work, it’s my escape from the ‘day job ick.’ I’ve blogged before about how I struggle to make word counts when I write full-time but throw in leeching job and wham I write like a fiend.

The regular schedule writing (my cupid series) has been interrupted ….

I started a new story this weekend– not in the que :/ My shiny object disease is one of those never changing things o_0
The new WIP – The Call of the Wild (working title) is for the Fated Desires  Publishing call – The Set Up
My hero – Jeremy Hanks….

Jeremny Halster

baby bison

Harv is an orphan wood bison calf

Runs animal reserve in Alaska and this is Harv – a baby wood bison….

My heroine – Emilee Swayer….








There is suspense, animals, and hot sex…. I’m at 5k. My goal is 2k a day (M-F) meaning I should be at the half-way point for the weekend. Then doing the last half over the weekend meaning I’ll get back to the scheduled WIP next Monday… is that a sparkly???? Hahaha

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday –

Life is an adventure… or it is for some of us. Then there are people like Leigh, the queen of routine, and boring. Matter-of-fact it’s because of her predictability that her last boyfriend leaves her. In an effort to add ‘zip’ to her life, she books an extreme adventure vacation – kayaking down the Amazon. Because life is filled with hiccups, fiction needs hiccups the size of moon craters. Enter super-hot tour guide Nick and a couple of thugs from a drug cartel.

This is Nick...This is the reason Leigh decides to step outside her box...

This is Nick…This is the reason Leigh decides to step outside her box…

Here’s a teaser of one decision Leigh makes to spice up her life….

“Ready?” he asked.
“You have no idea,” she muttered and climbed into the kayak he held for her.
“On your application, you said you had some experience. Now would be the time to say otherwise. Once we’re in the river we need to maneuver the current not the ideal time for a beginner’s lesson.”
“I know the basics like I said. I will need instructions for the rapids.”
“None on today’s leg so you can get familiar with the kayak and the way it handles in the river. We’ll discuss those techniques in the morning.”
He leaned in to flip the hatch shut to secure her in the kayak. She bent over as if to watch him making sure her breasts pressed into his shoulder. Nick’s sharp intake of air told her seducing him would be easier than she had planned.

Sometimes in life Taking A Risk leads to....love

Sometimes in life Taking A Risk leads to….love

Taking a Risk is available at Amazon

Teaser Tuesday

Here is a teaser from my newest WIP (just started Sunday). The working title is Around the Next Curve.
Landon is a hero with a ‘I don’t give a damn anymore’ attitude. BUT he has a motorcycle 🙂

“Running away has never solved anyone’s problems. They catch up with you and take a bigger bite of your ass.” Kari Martin stood with her arms crossed over her stomach. The late autumn wind made the fine strains of her honey brown hair dance. “Besides, Landon, I never took you for a coward.”

If a man had spouted those words, he would have found himself laying on the ground with Landon’s boot kicking out his teeth. Instead, Landon’s swallowed his anger and bit back his reply. Meeting his sister’s accusing steel gray eyes, he drew a deep breath. This entire year had been a roller coaster ride from one pile of shit to another. Each one deeper than the last.
“Kari, I’m taking a road trip. There is nothing here for me so what the f*** would I be running from?” He dropped his duffle on the sidewalk. “Besides, I’d think you’d be excited to have your couch back.”

Kari’s face softened. “I know you’ve been dealt some crap cards but the river has to turn. You can’t leave the game.”
Landon shook his head. “You’re the gambler not me. The road is the only answer for me.” In the last thirteen months, he lost his house to a fire and his business foreclosed on. The only things he had left was the Harley Davidson Night Rod, three pairs of worn jeans, and a dozen tee-shirts. “I need to get my head right.”

Meet Landon Martin. He's my newest hero...

Meet Landon Martin. He’s my newest hero…

So far I’m loving writing about Landon. He isn’t the popular ‘anti-hero’ but he is rough around the edges. What are your favorite hero types?

Writer’s Wednesday

I don’t always use tarot cards for character development but it does keep me from settling into a ‘rut’ (Monday’s topic) of just the standard GMC. It also forces my muse to stretch some of her muscles by using not only the meaning of the card but also the elements in the picture. Tarot cards are also in my bag of tricks to avoid writer’s block.

When using tarot cards for character development, I use the same method as with the theme. I draw three cards and use the one that best fits the general idea of the story. Some of the character traits that I developed from the are listed. I didn’t reveal them all in case someone wants to read this when I’m done 😉

Here are the character cards for the Inheritance ~(I did the theme card last Wednesday)

Not only does the meaning of the card work for this character but so does the name

Not only does the meaning of the card work for this character but so does the name

The Emperor ~ The serial killer (can’t reveal his name because it’s a surprise)

This card signifies inner control discipline, willpower, and the need to have a grip on his world, and an awareness of impact he has on others. A strict code of ‘self imposed’ ethics. He does feel that he is the one selected to rid the world of evil. The ram heads one the chair play a key factor in the story as does the ball in his hand.

The Devil ~ Beth

While my heroine isn't a 'devil' she has several she needs to deal with - personal and real

While my heroine isn’t a ‘devil’ she has several she needs to deal with – personal and real

The Devi doesn’t actually represent the devil or evil. It means feeling enslaved or trapped by someone or a situation. It also represents feelings of feels frustrated, enraged, and angry by uncomfortable situation. A person who keeps emotions bottled up. Feels thwarted at every turn. All of these fit Beth. There is A LOT of symbolize in the actually picture that radiates with this story in this card BUT to share them all would give away elements of the suspense.  The actual devil – represents the serial killer and both their past. The number 15 is also a key factor in the story. But that’s all I’m going to share 😉


The fact this isn’t a ‘major’ card in the deck doesn’t lessen it’s importance in my story

The Two of Cups ~ Duncan

Restores balance and resolve conflict. About relationships. Lovers, professional, friendships, and family. From the actual card… the hero and heroine represented each offering a ‘cup’ to each other. The things in their cups are their issues that have kept them from having a meaningful relationship. Of course the snakes and lions head play into the story.

I’d love to hear about a favorite character of yours (as a reader or writer) that had a ‘surprise’ twist in his/her development.