Hot Summer Heroes Blog Hop

Sexy athletic bodyWelcome to my stop on the Hot Summer Hero blog hop!!!

I’ll be giving away swag to three winners randomly picked from the comments. Swag will be from my three summer novella’s (Spike, Take a Risk, and Kick Start) that feature Hot Heroes 🙂

What makes a hero hot???

I thought I’d list my top five ‘hot hero’ features:

1) They all have killer eyes. I dated a guy in high school with the most amazing green eyes and they say you always carry a part of your first love with you (shhh don’t tell my hubby) so that characteristic always makes it into the book.
2) I tend to write my heroes from a more ‘ground’ level than a ‘super’ bad ass level but they tend to have a little more edgy career – never the military type of thing. In Taking a Risk, Nike does extreme vacations that include kayaking down the Amazon. In Spike, Brody is a top ranked professional beach volleyball player. Then in Kick Start, Dez is a motocross racer.
3) They are also willing to admit when they have screwed up. Matter of fact that is Brody’s (Spike) main goal, to make Rae understand he knows that he was an ass.
4) A sense of humor. Robert Downey Jr. is a perfect example of the type of humor I love my heroes to have.
5) Accepts the heroine as she is… I’ve read a book recently where the hero was all about changing the heroine and in the end she did conform – realizing it was better. I’m not talking a dangerous habit – ie drinking, drugs – I’m talking about her personality. In this book the heroine liked to roam the mountain side and tend her gardens, the hero found this dangerous and unseemly. In the end, she planted everything near their house. To me this made the hero not an alpha but a jerk. I like my hero and heroine to come to the table on an equal foot and then it’s about accepting the other as is.

So those are my five hero traits. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave a comment so you have a chance to win my swag and the grand prize.
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Dez and Jada drink Bat Bites :)

Dez and Jada drink Bat Bites 🙂

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Motivation Monday

This weekend was CRAZY!!! I did two blog hops back to back here and then one on my ‘nice’ twin – young adult writer Tasarla Romaney – something I’ve never done so today is allllll about getting caught up on the loose ends of those.

First….drummmmmmm AND the winners are dddddddd….

From the Summer Lovin Blog hop –
Grand Prize – vampiremistress2010
Grapeapril75 won my Kick Start swag

From Ella Jade’s Birthday Bash blog hop –
Book Attict won the grand prize
Joy F won the Spike swag

Second… my son moved across the state and started his ‘I’m done with college job’ – woo hoooo.

Third… I needed to spend some time looking at the calls different publishers have out. I like to do my novella writing for specific calls. BECAUSE??? I need to start refining my writing que for 2014 (eyes roll back and breathing becomes labored as panic sits in). 2014 folks!!!!! Crazy. I found a couple of calls that do look interesting so this week I need to finalize what my que is going to look at. Now of course, there will be changes as different stories sell and don’t sell. And as different calls are released. But if I don’t have a ‘basic’ road to travel down, I write nothing. I just hop for plot bunny to plot bunny.

As a sneak peak to a new series that I’m working on that will include Kick Start… it’s about men and women who are involved extreme sports or life just takes them there 😀

Meet Hays…He ice climbs for fun and rescues stranded cross country skiers, those setting out to enjoy the winter wonderland on snow shoes, and of course, maybe just maybe a top-rated female snowboarder 😛

I'd let him rescue me...

I’d let him rescue me…

ice climbing

This is his idea of fun 0_o












What are some of the things you plan in advance for?

Unconventional Birthday Celebrations…

Welcome to the Ella Jade’s Birthday Blog Hop… Ellas Turning What Blog Hop Graphic

I have to admit as a child I didn’t have great birthday celebrations. I’ve only come to really enjoy my birthday in the last fifteen years or so. The reason for this…. My birthday is December 30th 😛 As the oldest of four children my birthday gift was included in with my Christmas presents and I couldn’t have a party because everyone was busy with the holidays. Then as I got older no one wanted to go out on my birthday because New Year’s Eve was the next night – okay everyone let’s hear a big ‘ohhhh.’

My daughter was born on November 30th, my husband’s birthday is December 7th, and my son’s is December 19th – GEEEEZZZZ. So because I didn’t want my kiddos to have the same disappointing birthday memories I do I came up with the half birthday celebrations. June is a good month for us financial and the kids are just finishing school so it was easy to track-down friends when they were younger for parties. Hubby and I could afford a nice dinner out and a movie to celebrate ours. AND I could buy some really cute sandals – my ‘birthday’ present.

My other son is born on St. Patrick’s day. Well, that just begged for all sorts of unconventional birthday celebrations. I’ve done Irish folktales, treasure hunts (the leprechaun’s pot of gold), etc. Now that he is in college, green beer pretty much covers it.
I came up with these unusually ways to celebrate their birthdays because I feel it is sooooo important for a child/adult to realize that they are valued. That their birth is celebrated because without my kiddos life would SUCK!!

In Spike – Rae’s birthday isn’t covered but she feels that her life doesn’t really matter. It isn’t until Brody returns that she sees what an impact she has on those around her. Brody is a member of a top beach volleyball team and yet he hasn’t ever been able to forget Rae.

Leave me a comment 😀 Up for grabs is the grand prize of a $100 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble or Amazon (your choice). And I’m giving away this cool cup ideal for the beach filled with lip balms.
To continue the hop…

Hump Day Hook



First, last weeks winner of the dry erase board and markers swag for Taking A Risk is Cathy Brockman.

This week’s hook is from my Boys of Summer – Spike… In this hook Rae is questioning her sanity…

“I’m going to the beer cooler,” Rae muttered to Tara as she walked pass the girl.
“The wells are full,” Tara said.
“I need to take inventory.” She snarled spinning on her heels and marching into the fridge room. What the hell was the matter with her? A three-way with Brody and Treyvon? Like that would happen, she and Brody been teenagers the last time they had sex and two minutes of foreplay pushed the envelope back then. Besides she’d never been in a three-way. Why would she fantasy about it now?

Ummm… why would she (wink wink)…

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 All the great Hump Day Hooks can be found here ~

Two hot guys, the beach, and summer... what more could a girl want???

Two hot guys, the beach, and summer… what more could a girl want???

AND if you want to find out how Rae ‘makes out’ with Brody and Treyvon the buy link is ~ for Nook users ~
And for the Kindle lovers ~

Motivational Monday ~ It’s all about the swag

This weekend was about putting together swag for my new upcoming release ~ Kick Start and a couple of blog hops I’ll be in this summer.  Finding/making swag is sort of like Christmas/birthday shopping for myself only I don’t keep the stuff.

Trying to decide on swag hasn’t been a problem, I usually make a list of possibilities when I’m writing the story and then refer back to it for different events.  I like to come up with something that relates to that story. I don’t give away a lot of swag so when I do I want it be related to whatever I’m promoting.

Sooo here’s a sneak peak what I have on order for Kick Start (coming soon)….

I have these on order... in Kick Start they drink Bat Bites, it's about motocross, and I thought they'd be different

I have these on order… in Kick Start they drink Bat Bites, it’s about motocross, and I thought they’d be different

And for Tide of Love, I’m giving a set of nature notecards and bookmarks (Tide of Love is currently available – if you buy copy before the hop let me know and I’ll send you set). Aislynn, a mermaid turned human, not only is trying to figure out human emotions and stop a serial killer BUT she’s also is trying to stop human destruction of a friend’s homeland.  The cards and bookmarks tie in with that the environmental subplot of the book.

For Take a Risk I’m giving away travel sets of Into The Wild by Bath & Body Works (now available – if you buy a copy before the hop let me know and I’ll enter you into the drawing).  Leigh is tired of her ‘boring’ life so she decides to take a kayaking trip down the Amazon… let’s just say things don’t as plan 😉

I’m still tossing a couple of ideas around for Spike, my HOT volleyball story.

When I get everything together I’ll post a pic of all the booty…. But until then I’d love to hear what is some of the best swag you’ve seen authors give? If you’re an author what has been some of your most effective swag?

Sunday Six

We had our first ‘dusting’ of snow…so in rebellion I’m featuring six from my ‘sizzling’ summer novella – Spike

In the summer our local beach is flooded with volleyball players…

Setting the water on the sand, Rae looked to her left. Treyvon and Brody stood signing autographs and posing for pictures. They had changed into swim trunks and wore mirrored sunglasses.

She hadn’t talked to Brody since their meeting outside the trailer hours before. There really wasn’t anything left to say, except, oh since I’m swallowing all my pride here, would you bend me over this chair and fuck me? Rae thought her libido had kicked into overdrive earlier but seeing both men without shirts ignited fantasies that had her panting.


Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day and enjoy all the Sunday Six at