Pirates… magic…and a tiger…


I hope you have enjoyed the book hooks so far 🙂 This week my hook comes from my paranormal pirate romance – Treasure Hunt…. There’s a female pirate, her tiger (who is capable of magic), and a hot treasure hunter…



DeLaney kept the wide wooden table between them. While she didn’t doubt either man’s loyalty, she also knew them to be what they were. Men of fortune. She forced her body to take a stance of ease and willed her hands to remain steady.

“Feel free to speak. You both know I welcome your counsel.”

“There are two things we need to bring to your attention.” Adaih moved so he stood against the wall and slid down so his weight rested on his heels. It always amazed DeLaney that a man of his size could find comfort in such a position. “Tell the Captain what you felt tonight, Blink.”

The short man hovered across the table from her. He ran a hand over his hairless skull. “I was in the bird’s nest. Something about the fog seemed unnatural.”

“It is Ghost Whisper Harbor,” DeLaney pointed out, but she knew Blink would never be put at unease by a few restless spirits.

“Yes, Captain. But it was more. Tonight’s fog carried the weight of evil.” He shifted and focused his purple eyes on DeLaney. “Something was hunting for you. That is why I sent Esmeralda into town looking for you.”

“I had a run-in with Falken. Before Esmeralda could dine on him, he disappeared.”

“He outran her?” Adaih asked.

“No.” DeLaney turned to meet his gaze. “He vanished into thin air.”

Blink made an odd noise which she knew to be a grunt of disgust. “He dabbles in things his mind is too small to understand and his spirit is too weak to resist.”



DeLaney Black Heart is the captain of The Gypsy Princess, the most feared pirate ship on the Cannequ seas, until recently. Her long standing enemy, Falken Sands, is making good on his threat to ruin her. She is in desperate need of a large bounty to soothe her crew and reclaim her title.

Raven Kinsley is a treasure hunter. He offers DeLaney the chance to redeem herself. Only their history is stopping DeLaney from jumping on the offer. Raven abandoned her a year earlier and disappeared.

Left with no other choice, DeLaney agrees to Raven’s commission. They begin their journey to claim the lost treasure of Midas, but soon trouble surrounds them. Raven and DeLaney combine forces to battle gryphons, the possessed Falken Sands, and other creatures.

DeLaney tries to convince herself what she feels for Raven is born out of battle, not love. Raven knows he loves DeLaney, but until an old enemy is beaten, he can’t make his claim on her heart.

As secrets are revealed, they realize this is more than a mere treasure hunt. It’s a battle for their lives.

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