Weekend Read

This weekend read is the first in a trilogy… T1

Rosaline: An Epic Tale of Stolen Love Book # 1 (The Transcendence Trilogy) by PENELOPE MARSHALL



Penelope Marshall was born in the Philippines, and raised in Southern California.


She picked up writing in early 2016 and instantly fell in love with the craft. Her writing runs the romance gamut from sweet romantic comedies, to tough alpha male military suspense thrillers, with a little young adult, and paranormal thrown into the mix.

A good plot twist is what drives Penelope’s writing, striving for that jaw dropping moment at the end of each book.

She can be found at the following social links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorpenelopemarshall/

Website: http://penelopemarshall.weebly.com/


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It’s been said that love knows no bounds. But perhaps there are forces in the world that keep love at bay. Forces working together to separate the gravitational pull of two souls meant to intertwine.

Would such forces be considered evil? Or would they be of sullen heart, buried in the stench of scorn and betrayal?

After all, what is love but a chemical reaction induced by neurons and electrons banging against one another in some random fashion?

But what if love were predestined, written in the book of life by an omniscient author?

What if love could be harnessed to raise armies…to sink ships?

Then love would no longer be a chance meeting in the meadows of life. Love would be a game played with pawns and castles between kings and queens.

And sometimes…just sometimes the players come veiled in myth and tale.

Such is the story of Rosaline and Gideon…

***This trilogy must be read in order***

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Amazon Universal: http://viewbook.at/ROSALINE



#Listifylife Monday

Top 3 books in my to-be-read pile…

As some of you may know I’m reading my way through the alphabet this year. May is authors whose last name begins with I,J,or K.

I’ve ‘stumbled’ upon 2 great series….

– A Black book 2.jpgLondon series by Caitlin Kittredge

– Fire of Heaven trilogy by Russell Kirkpatrick







So they are two of my top reads – Devil’s Business book 4 in Black London series and In the Earth Abides the Flame book 2 of the Five of Heaven trilogy.

I have 2 major ‘grow’ areas in my life… money/budgeting and exercise. Not a lot to read on exercise. Put the doughnut down and move. There done. However, there is an endless supply  on the money/budgeting side. Which is why my third book is 31 days of living well and spending zero by Ruth Soukup.

book 3.jpg

So what are you reading???


Motivational Monday

I’m back… I wish I could say I just returned from vacationing on a white sandy beach with an incredibly good looking beach bum feeding me grapes and massaging my feet. BUT reality isn’t nearly as exciting (this is one of the reasons I write).

Usually for Motivational Monday, I post a picture of the hunky inspiration for my WIP hero however today, I’m talking about finding motivation in other places 😉

Saturday my family and I attended an art festival in a town about 80 miles away. The architecture is AMAZING. I took tons of pictures and developed tons of ideas, I’ll share some more tomorrow.

My current WIP is an urban fantasy. Zareb, my hero, works for the council as a ‘peace keeper’,

between the light and dark non-humans.

Zareb's protectors
Zareb’s protectors

The gargoyles on the building instantly struck me – first of all because they are not common in Northern Michigan. Second, because of their faces… instantly, I knew they stood guard over the building Zareb lives in. One is the dark and the other is the light. You’ll have to read the book to find out what role they play 😉

I’d love to hear about a building or a place that excited your Muse.