Writer’s Wednesday

To continue with the on-going project of re-purposing a magazine to a story idea, I used the next pages (which mean to date, I’ve only skipped one page). Have the creative challenge has become how to use the pages in my story.

Since I haven’t done a lot with character developing, I focused on that this week.


For Marchesa – of course I left the eyes because that’s a basic element for my story. When the characters aren’t formed clearly in my head, I’ll often pick a random birth date and use the traits of that horoscope. I picked one thing to link her and Samuel – an interest – they both like Don Knott’s movies – the reason for those pictures and they are both seeking a relic – the map. Her favorite food is chili cheese fries with an egg on top. Born to Die – a Lana Del Ray song goes with the theme of her character and will be on the playlist. I just found the black rose card and will incorporate that somehow. I placed my items around the page to leave ‘words’ I thought added to her character. IMAG0041

For Samuel – must is the same as Marchesa. The motorcycle is the type of bike he rides. He loves hot dogs…. all kinds of hot doges. I’m using the moral on the Queen of Hearts card as his character growth.

What are some of the ways you develop your characters?

Writer’s Wednesday

I’m still working on pre-writing/brain storming for my story – Love Blinds – yup got a title 🙂 This week, I added a snapshot of a scene that sets the relationship between Marchesa (the heroine) and Derek (her demon handler – bad guy). Samuel (hero) has just asked her to go away with him. He’s hoping if he can get Marchesa to himself for a few days he can make see it’s possible to leave. Only Derek shows up…and wham…

This is in the beginning of the story before Samuel realizes the depth of the hold Derek has on Marchesa. The scene is also to give the reader a clear understanding of why she isn’t just leaving with Samuel. That she’s not too stupid to live but the stakes are HIGH…


This add was the next in the magazine. I like “A new way to Face (clearly I added every day). As Samuel is offering her this by ‘just letting go’ and ‘coming to a beach all our own’ Eye’s across the top are just something I had in my bag of goodies and since eyes are the key theme and have been featured on all the pages up to this…I added them. I wrote the snapshot on the bird paper as a challenge of a way to add them to the scene.


I did remove three pages to get to the second page of this week’s prompt. I liked this because again her eyes are a focus. I also like the A fragrance to seduce the senses at the bottom under my add. I feel this needs more but as right now I’m not sure what… 

So far I’ve enjoyed this form of brain storming, it has led to some interesting twist in the development.

What are some unique brain storming/pre-writing things you have done?

Writer’s Wednesday

Here is the UNEDITED opening for my new WIP…Mock cover


“What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is up for grabs,” Jennifer giggled as she snatched Geoff’s doughnut.

“There’s an entire case of them.” He pointed the counter.

“Good, now I don’t feel guilty at all.” Jennifer sunk her teeth into the chocolate cake donut and her crystal blue eyes danced with merriment.

Standing, Geoff smiled. He couldn’t believe he’d been so stupid to think he’d wanted another woman. Guilt curled its ugly fingers around his stomach and squeezed. No, he wouldn’t let ghost from the past ruin their day. Jenn had forgiven him. End of story. “Do you want more coffee? Or another donut for yourself?”

“Are you trying to get me fat?”

Geoff shook his head and put his hands up in surrender. “You’re beautiful and perfect the way you are.” Leaning over he lightly kissed her forehead and the faint springy smell of honeysuckle from her soap filled his airways. “Love you.”

“To the moon and back,” she completed.

As he walked to the counter, he stopped and turned to his left. From the corner of his eye he’d sworn, he’d seen – nothing. Just people enjoying their sunny Saturday morning.

“A madcap coffee,” he ordered.

The woman nodded, tears filling her eyes. “Please sir,” she whispered handing him a folded piece of paper.

It seemed as if opening it had sucked all the air from room making it possible for his lungs to function and sent his heart into over-drive.

You are a man who holds so many lives in his hands.
You either walk out the back door.
Not a word to your wife or anyone.
Or I blow up the entire coffee shop.
Ask the wonderful barista for a view of the beautiful bomb I created for just this occasion.

Geoff lifted his eyes and the woman held up her arm. It was a bomb. No doubt.
The sweet scent of honeysuckle from Jenn’s soap lingered in his lungs as he stepped out into the alley.

Hump Day Hook



This week’s hook is from my current WIP – Death Wish. It’s a sizzling hot paranormal. The heroine Amberlee James is scheduled to die. The fates have decided that the ‘good’ deeds, she’s done have earned her a death wish. Joel, the hero, is the granter of final wishes who has been assigned to Amberlee. Things start going south when he realizes that he’s attracted to her – very attracted…

This hook is where Joel ‘official’ introduces himself to Amberlee.

              “Amberlee Maria James?”  His face hardened and his voice chilled.  The temperature in the room seemed to drop and Shifter growled from the door. 

            “Yes,” she whispered.  He’s a serial killer or an insurance salesman.  Just my luck.  Why did I invite him in? 

            “Let me properly introduce myself.  I’m Joel, the Granter of Final Wishes.  And you have one last wish before you die.” 

            The pale blue room spun as Amberlee grabbed the edge of the counter and sank to her knees.  He is a killer.  I’m going to die.  Amberlee closed her eyes. Why did he have to have such a great ass?

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Not following the rules…

I hate following the rules. A rarely leads to B in my world. Heck 99% of the time I don’t even start off at A. My hubby often says “Oh, that rule is for everyone but you right?” It’s not that I think we don’t need rules/laws and that I’m above them. I just need to understand that there is a valid reason for it. Like while I love to drive over 70 I understand that roaring by schools at 75 is not a good idea nor do I.

The lack of rule following holds true for my writing. Yesterday, I just finished my short suspense-romance novella. The plotting/planning for this WIP? I picked names and a place and started writing. The story morphed in my head at least four times while I wrote it.  I’ve tried the plotting/planning thing. Really I have. But my mind just isn’t wired like that. I become bored and disinterested and every story I’ve tried to plot and plan has never taken off.

For the longest time, I honestly believed I couldn’t call myself a writer if I didn’t do some sort of plotting. Even the articles that promote non-plotting ways of writing has the writer do more planning than I do.   So again I would try to force myself into the writer cookie cutter…and fail. This was a sad circle that led to a lot of M&M’s being eaten.

Finally, I stumbled across yet another ‘writing without plotting’ article. Only this one was different. Apparently, Stephen King does NOT plot!!! He starts withOUT an outline!!!! He has NO scene list.  A big sigh of relief.  It’s amazing that I still need that validation but I did.  I need to remember that we all have a slightly different beat that leads us through life (mine happens to be the Banana Boat song and I love this video clip of it from Beetlejuice ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQXVHITd1N4)

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Tag You’re IT blog Hop

I hated playing tag as a kid. I was like the chubby dork in the movies who was always it AND could never tag anyone else. BUT I’m excited to be tagged this time because I get to share a ‘sneak peaks’ on a current WIP that I have said ANYTHING about yet.

Thanks Samatha 😉 so very much for tagging me to take part in the Tag You’re IT blog hop. I in turn tag three other authors (I don’t even have to chase them around a playground – woot woot) and invite them to answer the same questions for their Monday blogs.  They then tag 3 more authors, and so on and so forth till it’s one great big giant Tag-Along! Sound good? Here goes!

A little romance...A little murder

A little romance…A little murder

1. What are you working on right now?

I’m working on 3 stories right now. I’ve discussed the 2 space operas I’m working on BUT I also started a suspense-romance set in the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan.
2. How does it differ from other works in its genre?

This will be the first story I’ve written set in the same place I live. And it’s written in single POV – not 1st person – but strictly from the heroine’s POV. I usually do at least two – the hero and heroine but most common 3.
3. Why do you write what you do?

I love to kill people J Not really. I do however love the tension of someone facing a death situation.
4. How does your writing process work?

Well, I haven’t really refined a process yet. I’m a pantser so it seems each WIP takes on an entirely different process. The young adult I’m planning on writing for NANOWRIMO has had more plotting/planning done than any of my previous books.  In life I like to follow the rabbit down the hole to see where it will lead me, so I tend to do the same in my writing. It’s hard to plan a rabbit’s appearance.
Here are the 3 authors I’ve tagged for this hop:

Tasarla Romaney – 

Suzanne Rock

Danita Minnis 

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Hump Day Hook



This is from the WIP I’m currently do the last edits before submission on. I’ve posted from this before. Cursed is an urban fantasy. The heroine is Cyrena, a witch from a minor family in the non-human world. Zareb is a human who has been appointed by the Council (the most powerful of the non-humans) to keep peace between the non-human and human worlds.

Trouble is ‘brewing’ in the non-human world as the power is shifting between the five witch families and Cyrena finds herself in the middle of it.

“How would you know where William Brair spent his time?” Zareb snarled squeezing the steering wheel and locked his jaw.

Cyrena threw a M&M at him. “Yes, we were lovers. Oh say ten years ago.” She laughed. “Hardly something for you to be jealous over. Whoever took him knew we had history. And they know we are currently involved.” She sat back in the seat. “Someone has been watching me – for a long time.”

Zareb saw her shiver and knew it had nothing to do with the temperature in the car.

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Hump Day Hook…



How desperate is desperate?

Jax is a single minded guy – the prefect example of a all work no play sort of guy.  His best friend and sister are worried about him so they use a little ‘blackmail’ to get him to go a Halloween speed dating event. The outcome? Love and murder 😉

“Listen man, this is a win-win deal. You go meet some hottie and make a little Halloween magic so you won’t be strung so tight for your opening. And Aimee can stop worrying about her brother becoming some recluse eating out of garbage cans.”

“Before you said it was stamp collecting,” Jax snarled.

“Actually, that was six months ago. I didn’t want to tell you she now has you living in the glades with a pet alligator coming out only at night to dine from dumpsters.”

“I’m not that bad.”

Erik arched an eyebrow and handed him the flyer.

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Motivation Monday

It’s in the beat…jamming

For me music is a motivational tool and I listen to it almost all day. But different music has different effects. Some provides excellent back-drop as I write but I want something altogether  when I’m doing the evil exercise program (pumping the beats on Iheartradio).

I love their Iheartradio theme stations! When I write my blogs (this one, my ‘nice’ side blog – http://www.tasarlaromaney.wordpress.com or guest blogs) I usually listen to Disney Movie Soundtracks.

I use to put together playlist for each of my WIP. Something that conveyed the characters but now thanks to Iheartradio, I choose a couple of artist that play the music that fits the story or a play a theme station. I still usually have one song that I think sort of ‘sums’ up the entire story. For example, for Kickstart – it was Flo Rida – Wild One (if you haven’t heard it and want to check out the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpOR_HuHRNs). If I was having trouble with a scene, I’d click on the youtube video and listen with my eyes closed.

For my current WIP (which will be do done this week), I listen a Celtic Woman theme station.  And the theme song is Lana Del Rey (whom I LOVE – she is my go to station) Dark Paradise (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SnSUbnx5Ys).

At night while I read, I have Nature’s Bounty on 🙂

The funny thing about my obsession with music – I have NO ability. Honestly, turning on the radio is where it ends. Because I’m surrounded by music all day, I’d to hear any suggestions you have.

Hump Day Hook




This is from WIP that I’m currently editing. It’s a paranormal romance suspense….

Ayranna snorted. “Oh Zareb make no make mistake. All of you are in grave danger. Did you really think the killing of one of your gargoyle protectors and a succubus waiting in your apartment was a fluke? But the Pacis Custodis are of no concern to me. It’s the demon and those who seek to control it that brings me here.”

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Dez thought racing in motocross was the ultimate high until he met Jada

Dez thought motocross racing  was the ultimate high until he met Jada

Available at Amazon ~ http://www.amazon.com/Hot-Rods-Bods-ebook/dp/B00DSQKO0O/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1377685216&sr=8-9&keywords=lyncee+shillard