Writer’s Wednesday

I’m still working on pre-writing/brain storming for my story – Love Blinds – yup got a title 🙂 This week, I added a snapshot of a scene that sets the relationship between Marchesa (the heroine) and Derek (her demon handler – bad guy). Samuel (hero) has just asked her to go away with him. He’s hoping if he can get Marchesa to himself for a few days he can make see it’s possible to leave. Only Derek shows up…and wham…

This is in the beginning of the story before Samuel realizes the depth of the hold Derek has on Marchesa. The scene is also to give the reader a clear understanding of why she isn’t just leaving with Samuel. That she’s not too stupid to live but the stakes are HIGH…


This add was the next in the magazine. I like “A new way to Face (clearly I added every day). As Samuel is offering her this by ‘just letting go’ and ‘coming to a beach all our own’ Eye’s across the top are just something I had in my bag of goodies and since eyes are the key theme and have been featured on all the pages up to this…I added them. I wrote the snapshot on the bird paper as a challenge of a way to add them to the scene.


I did remove three pages to get to the second page of this week’s prompt. I liked this because again her eyes are a focus. I also like the A fragrance to seduce the senses at the bottom under my add. I feel this needs more but as right now I’m not sure what… 

So far I’ve enjoyed this form of brain storming, it has led to some interesting twist in the development.

What are some unique brain storming/pre-writing things you have done?

Writer Wednesday – Getting to Know my Heroine

In keeping with my promise to ‘strength’ my writing muscles, I have started doing some writing exercises.  In prep for my the next romance suspense I plan on working on, I picked a prompt from 1,000 Character Writing Prompts chefs and cooks selection. My heroine is a pastry chef.

I selected 193 which isn’t really much of a stretch. Cayla Rogin, my heroine, is pastry chef like the prompt, but she doesn’t work in a vegan bakery. Cayla runs her own bakery business. The prompt has her growing up in foster families as did my heroine – it’s in one of these homes she meets the hero. While this doesn’t seem like much of a ‘stretch’,  I still decided the prompt – ‘what would the members of her family think of accomplishments?’ would be character building since I tend to gloss over my character’s. Picking a few events. So what did I learn about Cayla from this???

My newest heroine I'm meeting

My newest heroine I’m meeting

  • 1) I had to establish her bio-parents. Was it a single mother? Did she go back and forth between bio home and foster placement. Was she taken due to abuse, addictions, or negligent? This I would have done without the prompt.
  • 2) How many foster placements she had (I would have never answered this unless it came up while writing).
  • 3) Who she remained in contact with and why – this added a nice subplot twist
  • 4) I flushed out her motive for becoming a pastry chef
  • 5) Did any of her foster parents use her service? No, but I have supplying birthday cakes to one home she stayed at. This would have never developed without this prompt.

I found this prompt much more use than the 3 page character sheets I’ve tried in the past.

Do you use writing prompts? If so as ‘warm-ups’ or to break writer’s block?  What are some prompt books you’ve found useful.


Motivation Monday ~

The WIP that refused to be written. While I suffer from shiny object disease and I’m the queen of half finished projects, I can be stubborn to a fault. So when my current WIP drew a line in the sand, game was on. 

I’ve rewritten the first chapter ((5)) times!  I’ve added points of view, taken points of away, added characters and taken characters away. I’ve written the over 18k only to have to dump it and restart. 

I know some writers feel it’s a mortal sin to walk away from a story never to finish it. However, I have a memory stick full of half done, three quarters done, and just started stories. So why not add this to the ‘bone’ yard?

Because now writing is my career – no longer a ‘hobby.’ With my shift to full-time writer, I found I had new responsibilities. I could no longer write just what I want – leaping from project to project. So how does sticking with one project when I should have completed two make me a professional?

 I’m learning the importance of planning or plotting. I don’t have the time to chase rabbits down holes and have tea with the Mad Hatter. Yes, I have more time to write but I need to make my words count. This is now my sole source of income.  To start a story and disregard is no longer an option.

So my motivation for this Monday – to streamline my writing to make it a career.


Get ready, get set, WRITE!

If you’re a writer than you probably know November is National Write a Novel In a Month. While I don’t necessary official participate, I do enjoy hearing how other writers prepare for this. This past week I’ve read Lynn Viehl’s Way of the Cheetah – How to Boost Your Productively. She offers this as free resource during this prep time (at http://pbackwriter.blogspot.com/ )

 One of the first sections is motivation. The cheetah’s hunts because he has to survive – as Ms. Viehl points out there are no cheetah Burger King.

 So why do I write?

 Because I enjoy it. I have other ways for making money to pay my bills – so survival isn’t my driving force.  And this offers a conflict in her number one principal – give writing 100% of my focus. In the past I have wrote when I ‘felt’ like it or could squeeze it into my day. If I’m going to move to a fulltime write, I need to change this mind set.

 How do I make writing my number one focus?

 Since many writers will spend November making this their focus by altering their schedule for ultimate output, I’ve decide to become a more active member of the event.

 My kick-off writing schedule:

 5am – 9 am Blog/breakfast/taking dog for a walk/house upkeep- Since I’m not a plotter I plan on using this time as a ‘mental brainstorming’ period. What better to take my mind off moping than planning a steamy love scene 😉

9 am – 3 pm  New writing (small breaks of no more than 10 minutes with ½ for lunch – this is the longest block of time I’ve ever tried to do any SINGLE activity)

3 pm – 3:30 pm Social networking, e-mails

7:00 pm – 10 pm Edits/new writing/working out plot hiccups

My daily goal to start out with is about 6k new words a day.  Now I have no idea if this writing schedule will work, like I said I’ve never done a major time block for writing.

Do you do writing spurts or large blocks?  How do you keep your focus in during the marathon? Or how do you refocus after each spurt?

Motivation Monday

I need to get organized – to plan what I’m going to write and when. This writing by the seat of my pants (and I’m not talking about plotters vs pantsers) isn’t producing the output I desire or need to make this a full time career. I have story ideas for certain holidays, several romance suspense, and one space opera but in what order to I write them? 


I wish 😉

I know several writers go with whatever character talks to them the loudest. I would never write ANYTHING if I relied on this method. My characters need to be prodded into action with several shots of diet coke and a handful of M&M’s.  


For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working full-time at the ex-EDJ. So my writing time was greatly cut AND I’m having some plot issues with my current WIP (a naughty fairytale) as a result I wrote ever little. I usually have two WIP that I’m working on. They are generally two different genres and offer me a variety but because of my lack of planning I didn’t have a plan ‘b’ to fall back on.


Over the weekend I resolved the plot issue so I need to plow through the naughty fairytale but I’m also going to spend some time this week planning out my projects for the next three months and plug in the two series I have waiting on the deck over the next year.  This will require a lot for me since I’m also trying to move away from the pantsers method to a more plotters.


So how do you pick what project you’ll work on next? How far out do you have your writing schedule planned (as far as projects?)