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The Inheritance…

Beth Larkson thought the neglected the farmhouse she’d inherited was a nightmare – that was before she found the serial killer’s graveyard in her backyard.

The inspiration for The Inheritance

The inspiration for The Inheritance

My current WIP is moving along nicely 🙂 As the kickoff project of 2014, I hope this is a sign of the year to come. One thing I’m really really really focusing on this year (again) is better tracking of the details as I write. The massive spreadsheet I set-up has made it through the first 1/3 test. Turning this aspect over to the ‘project’ side of my brain has seemed to finally work…. The test will come at the end. Will I keep it up ALL the way through????

I’m not a plotter and until recently not a great detail logger BUT I love to make story boards!!! I collect all sort of pictures, slogans, and other visual aides as I write. (I’m a very visual person – never tell me how to do something show me if you want to understand). I’ve talked about this before and shared some of the ones I’ve done. While some of my storyboards, at least half, are on some form of poster board, I do often use something else as my foundation.

The Inheritance is only the second book I’ve written that takes place Michigan. I live in the cold, I don’t want to write about the cold. I needed a map of Michigan to reference as the killer, hero, and heroine move around. I wanted to make sure I had things ‘right.’ As I was cleaning out one of the closets for my 2014 things in 2014 Challenge, I found this map 😀 NOW it’s my reference AND story board. I’ll continue to add to it as I write of images I see that strike my ‘fancy’ for this WIP. I love that it’s lamented so I can write on it with dry erase markers.


The back side of the map… yup that hotness in the bottom corner is my hero 😀


I’m using the area on the bottom as a place to stick my random plot or subplot notes








Do any of my fellow writers make story boards? If so do you have a ‘standard’ format you work with or do you change?