Motivation Monday….

Last Monday of the month this means a recap…

Things finished in the writing world~

(1)    A suspense romance novella

(2)    The Christmas Space Opera

(3)    The full length space opera (while it’s not complete, I do think it will be by Thursday so I’m going to list it)

Writing goals ~

(1)    Blog regularly on both this one and the nice me (Tasarla Romaney) one – done.

(2)    Update Website – nope L I’m really questioning keeping it

(3)    Write an average of 3k a day – yup

(4)    Work on promo opportunity – L – nope. Nothing materialize that I had in the works

Personal goals ~

(1)    Stay on the diet train only getting off at the Oktoberfest depot ~ close enough I’m saying accomplished.

(2)    Evil exercise program 6x a week for at least a 21 mile weekly total ~ yup 😀

(3)     Do a blanket for the Linus Blanket Project – nope L

(4)    Track spending with coupons to see the proof that endless hours (or what feels like endless hours) cutting along dotted lines is worth it. An average of 39% savings – so I see a lot of paper cuts in my future.

Reading goals ~

(1)    At least 4 books in month’s selected genre (horror/romance horror/hauntings – basic Halloween stuff) – done

(2)    At least 4 young adult books – done

So that’s October… Now on to November. I’m going to do a NANO novel as Tasarla. I need to get that part of my writing back in motion. I’ve been gone too long and I miss it.  But I haven’t decided what I’m going to tackle on the adult side… so far no characters are screaming at me.  I just learned last week that I’m getting back rights to several of books so I’ll need to spend some time getting them ready to re-market.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by 😀

Motivation Monday

February recap

While I didn’t make my over writing goals, it was a descent month for me:

    • Wrote, edited, and subbed short novella – Kick Start for an anthology call.
    • Finished my holiday suspense romance
    • Almost 1/3 of the way with young adult series
    • Finished line edits for naughty fairy tale
    • Blogged on a almost regular bases

Again the biggest area, I lacked in -again – is promo :”( Over all word count was only 400 less than my target. The short novella wasn’t planned so it threw off my individual word goal on my different planned pieces. I’m hoping to add the missing 8k to my young adult in March. We have several ½ days at the day job and spring break begins the first week of April. If I don’t then I’ll make permanent changes to my writing que.

Have your heard the saying if March comes in like a lion it will go out like a sheep… I’m hoping to be a lion all month. I have ‘big’ plans for March.

This is in one of the guys I get to hand out with my month :D

This is in one of the guys I get to hand out with my month 😀

My goals for the month of March ~

FINALLY - get to write his story :D :D

FINALLY – get to write his story 😀 😀

    • ~Make edits to naughty fairy tale and submit
    • ~plot cupid series (3 books) using the series bible worksheets and Rock your Plot (both new to me)
    • ~Start my ultimate fighter story~ word goal – 15k
    • ~work on young adult  ~ word goal – 30k



What are your goals for March?


Teaser Tuesday

Since it’s the beginning of the month and I have been sort of lame on keeping up with my blog, I thought I do a recap of what I’ve read in September.  I love sharing books I’ve read and hearing what others is reading.  It was a light reading month for me, I had several home projects I needed to complete.

Adult ~

Stygian’s Honor (breed series) by Lora Leigh

*Breaking Point (I-Team series) by Pamela Clare – this was referred to me by my daughter

The Darkest Hour – (KGI series) by Maya Banks

*Sleeping Roses by Rashelle Workman

Savage Hunger by Terry Spears


Young Adult~


*Tiger Curse (Tiger Curse Series) – Colleen Houck

*Heir of Prophecy (The Prophecy) – Michael A. Rothman


*New to me authors.


For October I plan on stepping up my young adult reading.  I also shift my reading to a more ‘spooky’ lineup for Halloween 😉 Yup, I’m a kid at heart.


I’m sort of discouraged by all the series books…I purchased one that really appealed to me and then realized it was book 3 of a series and I need to track down books 1 and 2 because it’s a continued series. Breaking Point by Pamela Clare is part of a series but also very much a stand a lone book.


What are your thoughts on series???  As a writer or a reader???

Endings and Beginnings

Well a lot has happened in my life in the last two months ~ my EDJ has ended ~ permanently …so now begins my adventure as a full time writer. I almost hate to say it like that but couldn’t think of any other way to word it – I did write hours after coming home and I know many write full time while working an EDJ. I know this is a sensitive topic with many writers so please do not take offence – I’m not trying to imply anything here.

Okay enough of the disclaimer :0)

I have decided some things need to change about my writing habits (or lack there of) in order for this new focus to be successful. One of the things is I’d need to increase my output/word count/books. And I think I need some major changes – switching from a panters to a plotter (shudder).

First, let me say I’m not an ‘a to b to c’ sort of girl at all. Matter of fact, I’d spend hours looking at the dot to dots I was given in school to figure out a different way to connect them to make a picture. So the thought of outlining, taking notes, etc makes me devour a bag of M&M’s in panic.

BUT as I start dipping my toes into this, I’ve come to think it might not be as bad as I thought. Yesterday, I posted a blog at Fabulous Young Adult writers about picnics and writing. I joked about there even being picnic baskets for the planners thru the panters.

This is the pantser’s picnic basket – we sort of just dump everything in and pull it out as we need it.

The planner’s picnic basket – my head hurts just looking at it

Here is my goal…

Tuesday’s will normally be – what is new in my life and some of the writers I’ve come to know. Today, I’m sharing a peek at my new upcoming release The Cabin – Toria and Neal at

See you tomorrow… when I talk about a calendar isn’t so scary for this pantser.

My favorite lines.

My young adult




I love to twitter and today it’s writer Wednesday so…



Here are some of favorite lines from yesterday’s recommended books….


…then she felt down to the calf of her left leg, opened the pocket there, and took out the bottle of Visine. Thank you, boring Saturday nights with the Internet. She held the tiny bottle to Zak. “Use this.” Hush, by Cherry Adair.

Now I like this because it makes the heroine smart and strong.  She’s being held by guerilla soldiers in the jungle with a guy she only planned on having a one night stand with.  I would not be remembering what I read on the Internet and truth be told I never read anything that will save my life if I’m held by guerilla soldiers.

She had to protect her daughter. Larissa Monroe knew her life was coming to an end. Love Beyond Sanity, by Rebecca Royce.

This is actually from the excerpt on Rebecca’s website.  I wanted to share something in different but I just loved this.  As a mother, I instantly identified with Larissa.  Above all things I need to protect my kids. Every writer knows they need to create characters the reader relates to.  And these two simple sentences did that for me.

Jason’s lips traveled over her skin, a worship of her flesh that continued even during her hesitation. Intimate Whispers, by Dee Carney.

For this one I had to offer something hot because well because it’s HOT!!!!  And I love this description of a kiss.  It brought the simple act to a new level.  I was there…I wanted to be there….I wanted to drag my hubby over to the computer and say – here.  This is what I want. 

And of course, how could NOT share something of mind 😉 from The Hollow King my young adult.

“Humans are fragile and we have very sensitive egos.” Crenshaw wiggled in Cyloc’s grip.

“I don’t know what that means.” Cyloc replied and tightened his hold on Crenshaw’s ankle. “You are the first human I have encountered.”

“My luck,” Crenshaw whispered. “What are the chances of you putting me down and allowing me to walk?”

“No. You will escape.”

Crenshaw scanned his surroundings. Nothing. Flat parched clay as far as the eye could see in all directions. “Where would I go?”

“Small rodents always find a place to hide.”

“We have to work something out. Dangling over your shoulder by one ankle isn’t the best way to transport me. All the blood is rushing to my head and my left leg is now two inches longer than the right. I’m going to pass out.”

            Then once Cyloc releases him….

“You haven’t taken a step and already you complain.” Cyloc shook his head. “I do not see why so many people seek you.”

Crenshaw is one of my favorite hero’s. He struggles —-with everything.  But being carried through the land of dead by ghoul would be embarrassing to even the most self-assured hero 😉

So what are some your favorit lines and why?

Where Am I?

World building is something every author does regardless the genre or location they write in.  If a story is set in Chicago as an author I need make my reader feel as if they are there with my characters. Personally, I find this more difficult than creating a totally fictional setting. If I create a world for my story, I alone know the feel of my place so as a writer I share that with my reader.

If I’m writing a murder mystery in Chicago (my favorite city), I will have readers who have been there and have their own impression of the city which may not be as favorable as mine.  Also, I don’t live in Chicago but in a much smaller town in Northern Michigan so my impressions are those of a tourist/visitor. These things, in my opinion, make writing a murder mystery in Chicago more difficult than creating someplace fictional.

Sometimes the location has to be fictional. In Treasure Hunt, I wanted a female pirate. She had own ship and was feared. To make this scenario believable in the ‘real’ world would have been near impossible. So I created a world so DeLaney could have her ship….

DeLaney Black Heart is the captain of The Gypsy Princess, the most feared pirate ship on the Cannequ seas, until recently. Her long standing enemy, Falken Sands, is making good on his threat to ruin her. She is in desperate need of a large bounty to soothe her crew and reclaim her title.




My young adult series, The Night of the Gryphon, is a hi-fantasy so another world to create. The Hollow King, the first book, is a quest following six teenagers as they battle things from the nightmare realm, struggle to figure out love, and secure the mystical specter of hope.

In creating worlds for both of these books, I needed to make sure my reader felt and saw what I did. There isn’t a possibility a reader would have gone there. So no referencing the John Hancock building and relying on the fact a reader will know it’s a tall building.

When in The Hollow King, I talk about traveling through the forest surrounding the final battlefield I need to make sure the reader knows this is no typical Bambi hangout. There is orange moss, creepy animals, and the path disappears behind them sealing them inside.

When DeLaney and Raven are kidnapped by water nymphs, I not only had to describe the place where they were taken but the nymphs.

The trick is weaving the description in so they aren’t a grocery list.  Personally, I have found the easiest way to do this is by using a tourist POV. When you visit someplace the first time, you don’t notice the smallest details. There are usually two or three things that really grab you – a smell or a sight or a person. The longer you stay the more you notice.

So when DeLaney (Treasure Hunt) or Taraly (The Hollow King) find themselves in a new place, I give the reader their first impression and slowly add as the scene unfolds. 

What are some of your favorite settings?

Not Quite the same but close…

I’m on a diet…with a 75 lb goal.  This sadly has caused me to eliminate my favorite food from my daily diet.  Peanut M&M’s.  I love them.  One of children actually said he thought I cared more about them then him, well that might be a bit much but then it depends on if he has picked up his work socks. 

I also love candles. So imagine my excitement when I found this cute guys…

Yummy scented!
Not quite the same as a bag of M&M’s but still they made me smile.
Hopefullyhere is  something that will make you smile…I will be having two contest.
The first one here on Monday, July 25.  Christmas In July….I’ll be giving away a copy of my Christmas story and some bookmarks as well as a gift certificate so make sure to stop by.
The second will be on Tuesday over at Paranormal Romantics ( Where I’ll be discussing love in a young adult books.  I’ll be giving away a copy of The Hollow King, the first in the Night of The Gryphon series. 
Hoping to see everyone next week!