Monday Recap

I’m on Spring Break for the crazy day job. I didn’t really do ‘much’ this weekend, I spent it enjoying my grandbaby and hanging out with family. Now it’s time to dig in and get busy. The main focus of the week is writing, then spring cleaning – I’m still working on creating a minimalist wardrobe, and some as crazy as it sounds relaxing.  Here are a couple great articles if any is thinking about trying this totally over the edge idea,

For relaxing, I’m doing a pedi – getting ready to wear these awesome sandals. I have a ‘me’ night scheduled. Wine, a book, music, and a milk bubble bath – new to me – here is the link

I have spent most of March trying to find a ‘new’ groove for my writing in effort to increase my output and well I succeed — in decreasing it. >.< It’s back to the groove that works for me. I plan on finishing my space opera and subbing my on-the-run novella – The Logic Bomb.


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