Dream On… Dream journals

This week we are starting a new type of journal and one of my favorites. A dream journal. Dreams are mysterious. Some are funny…some are scary…some are gross…but they always spark something inside us.


A dream journal is ideal for you if you want to see recurrent patterns in dreams, recall important aspects needing interpretation, or improve your dream recall more generally. Ultimately, it should be a fun exercise and one that helps you to make sense of your subconscious world

There are a number of theories about why we dream, but no one knows for sure which idea is right, or whether each is right to some degree.

A dream journal can be a memory-jogger and an incredible source of insight into your inner world. Or just fun. I use mine for a lot of different reasons…writing sparks, to understand something going in my life, and also to understand why I do some of the things I do (yeah sometimes there is no understanding that….hahaha)

To record every night requires some self-discipline but once you’re in the habit of keeping one, it’s likely to be one that stays…and it’s easier than exercise and almost as much fun as eating doughnuts.

Today I’m just going to encourage everyone to determine a few things before we actually start talking about dreams, recording them, and interpreting them.
Decide where you want to keep your dream journal. Some want it located next to their bed so they can journal when they wake up. Most of the time I record my dreams and possible interpretation while drinking my morning coffee. So I keep it with my coffee cup.
Next week we’ll look at some different dream journals, I’ve used over time. But determining the purpose of your dream journal will be key in deciding what type of journal will best meet your needs.

Remember there is no right or wrong journal… this is the one I’m currently using. If this doesn’t say creepy dream not sure what does 🙂


Dream Vs Goal


Dream vs Goal… what do you have?

Everyone has been told to ‘dream big.’ And heard the slogan…Dream big and go far.
Well, how does one get those dreams to grow legs? Get them to move from their spot on the couch…watching Living Below Zero (my new addiction)…and eating doughnuts? To give them confidence when they are too meek to hit the submit button.

Me and my dreams have listened to the motivational speakers. Read the books. Watch the YouTube channels. Bought the T-shirt and wore it out. Still my dreams remained firmly planted on the couch.
I set goals. With incentives. But still my dreams continued to gorge themselves on doughnuts and watch Living Below Zero. I’d cheer and say how great it was going to be…just press the submit button. All I heard was ‘not going to happen loser.’

I was such a failure. My dreams hated me. They were like a stubborn child refusing to pick up a toy.

Finally, this year I have discovered the way to get legs on my dreams. Now they are out working for their keep. (Granted, we still watch Living Below Zero).

I have 3 new book covers….

I have a request for a full…I’m saving more the 2 months of this year than all over last year….

My dreams are now goals…And that my mindset. Dreams are fluffy things with unicorns and dragons. (BTW, I’m starting dream journals this Wednesday)

My goals are what I’m focused on. I hope all your dreams develop wings and soar.

Valentine Love

Because it’s Valentines…and I’m a romance writer…and I love to give stuff away. I’m offering five prizes…

A ten dollar Amazon gift card…

For the last month, I’ve discussed time capsule journals and turning a gift book into a journal…and I KNOW you want one 🙂 So here’s your chance to win both plus stickers.



AND…. I have a ‘nice’ me. The nice me writes sweet romances and fantasy. The story belonging to this amazing cover is being released at the end of this month. I’m offering 2 copies.
The lines between good and evil have faded. The night of the gryphon has begun. The decisions of five will determine the fate of all.



The Hollow King

My pretty pretty new cover!

The Hollow King

Thought by most to be a simple child’s chant…

A king of no kingdom
Who walks among the living yet is void of all but breathe
He will be known as the Hollow King and will yield the Spector.
The Warrior Queen with compassion will fuel the Hope
The one who walks on two legs but has the soul of an animal will guide the Spector’s magic.
Together they will use the Spector of Hope to rid the land of evil.

Until creatures most thought to be make-believe start to hunt at night… Freed by Ovezara, a sorceress of what seems to be unlimited power.

Queen Taraly dying father’s command is to visit Grandmother June and learn what must be done to stop them.

King Crenshaw has lost his kingdom to the Ovezara and vows to have revenge.

Sancha returns from a hunting trip to find his father’s body torn to shreds by an evil so dark people refuse to acknowledge it.

The three unite to find the fabled Spector of Hope. As their quest starts to unfold, they realize that the line between good and evil is often blurred. What they believed to good is twisted. Can they locate the Spector of Hope in time to restore good and save all from the evil Ovezara unleashes?


Just leave me a comment…and I’ll post the lucky winners on Saturday.


The ‘f’ words…

This week’s Mindset Monday is all about the ‘f’ words… Focus and Finish. I have issues with both of them. There are sooooo many shiny things…soooo many trails to be explored and who can’t jump down the rabbit hole?
These two words are so important so lacking in my life.

And while I will always have to explore the trails and peek into the rabbit holes, I also know if I’m going to get my VA business off the ground I need to restrict this. I need to…

If I want the writing career of my dreams, then I need to FINISH some of these books I have in my que.

For all you type A personalities none of this will make sense because you live those ‘f’ words easily. Since I’m a type ‘Y’ person- why is that squirrel in the tree? Why isn’t that doughnut in my stomach? Why is there a search for pink fuzzy socks being recommended for me? Most people are happy never knowing why but for those of us that struggle with the ‘f’ words, these and so many more ‘y’s cloud my day.
Time management is one of the 10 vision goals. This means replacing the ‘y’ words with ‘f’ words. How have I started to do this?

1. I set defined time blocks. Not I’ll write from 1 to 3. That is way to broad and way to much time for me. Now I write in my planner. 1 to 1:45 write on current WIP. 1:45 to 2 – find pics for blog post/wip or anything else I need. I give myself 15 minutes of ‘y’ time for every hour block. While all you ‘A’ people are WHAT!!!! Wasting 15 minutes. But my focus requires it.

2. There is no real trick for Finish besides willpower. I refuse to let myself start anything until the project I’m scheduled to work on is completed. I made a master writing list at the beginning of the year.
And when you Finish you get bright shiny covers like this….


Read it Friday

This Friday is a read it…

I’m reading the young adult series –  13 Treasure Trilogy by Michelle Harrison. I’m LOVING IT!! I post a review next week of the entire trilogy.

ALSO … a cover reveal.


3D book.png

Cover Designer: Obsessed by Books Designs

Release date: 7th March


Cassidy Summers was my heart. Music was my soul.

When my big break came calling who would I choose? All I needed was three months to tour. Three months to Live my dream… How did I know that my soul would break my heart?

At seventeen, I was the luckiest girl around. Elliott Chase was my boyfriend and the lead singer of Soul Divider. How would I manage without him for three months…?

When a second chance at love comes around years later… can they let go of the broken promises and lies?

When secrets are staring him in the face; will Elliott do what he does best and run? After all, how do you find your soul when you no longer have a heart?


 Sienna Grant is a 39 year old romance writer. She’s married to her soulmate and is a mother to 3 children, two of which are all grown up.

When she’s not being a mother and wife, she loves to write and make up her own world but still loves a hint of realism.

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorSiennaGrant/
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorsgrant
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Sienna’s stars (Readers group):
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Website ttp://www.authorsgrant.wixsite.com/home

T & T

This week’s Thirsty and Tasty Thursday was a struggle for me… I have awesome things to share for Fat Tuesday and Valentines (which is going to lead to my yoga pants being tooooo tight).

So what recipes do I share??? Do we do Fat Tuesday drinks and Valentine yummy OR Fat Tuesday yummy and Valentine drinks. Let me tell you the struggle was real!

Anyway I decided to do Fat Tuesday yummy and Valentine drinks.

We always celebrate Fat Tuesday just because it’s fun and great food is involved. I make 3 pig pancakes and Cajun blood orange juice for breakfast and lunch varies depending on if I have to work. We always have a party where kids play games and eat. I make shrimp po-bois, loaded sideways grits (this is crock-pot dish so that is why its a dinner thing), and Cajun crab dip.

I also make a King’s Cake. However, I leave the plastic doll out. I know I can’t write a book without someone being killed in a horrible way but this idea creeps the crap out of me.

I don’t make my own batter, I use frozen bread dough that I let thaw and raise during the day. I’ve tried the biscuits in the tube but that doesn’t do it for me.

I let the kids sprinkle the cake with the colored sugar when it’s done.

kings cake

·         FILLING:

·         1 cup packed brown sugar

·         1 tablespoon ground cinnamon

·         2/3 cup chopped pecans

·         1/2 cup all-purpose flour

·         1/2 cup raisins

·         1/2 cup melted butter


·         FROSTING:

·         1 cup confectioners’ sugar

·         1 tablespoon water

Purple, green, and yellow colored sugar


1.    Filling: Combine the brown sugar, ground cinnamon, chopped pecans, 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 cup raisins. Pour 1/2 cup melted butter over the cinnamon mixture and mix until crumbly.

2.    Roll dough out into large rectangle (approximately 10×16 inches or so). Sprinkle the filling evenly over the dough and roll up like a jelly roll, beginning at the wide side. Bring the ends roll together to form oval shaped ring. Place ring on a prepared cookie sheet. With scissors make cuts 1/3 of the way through the rings at 1 inch intervals. Let rise in a warm spot until doubled in size, about 45 minutes.

3.    Bake in preheated oven for 30 minutes. Frost while warm with the confectioners’ sugar blended with 1 to 2 tablespoons of water.

 And now for Valentine drink… I have one that I call TOO DRUNK FOR SEX and I was going to do that one but then I decided to share that for Martini Saturday on Facebook (be sure to check it out…it’s super yummy) but I decided to share my chocolate cherry martini. I don’t have a pic of it so I’m sharing an internet pic. I love love this drink. chocolate-covered-cherry-martini

I use crème de cocoa instead of Godiva because it’s cheaper and the Bailey’s is super creamy so I use Godiva is drinks it star not compete 🙂 I also use whip cream flavored vodka.

My verison…

2 parts Bailey’s

1 part Crème de Cocoa

1 part cherry flavored vodka

1/2 part whip cream flavored vodka

Mix and enjoy.



Journaling through life…

Last month I highlighted a time capsule journal. This month it’s going to be a non-journal into a journal. As I’ve said earlier there is no right way or wrong way to keep a journal. A journal is a place for personal expression. And that expression can be anything.

I truly believe that a journal is a way of reaching inside ones self. For this week and next week, I’m going to feature a gift book. I picked up the one I’m using at the dollar store.

So far the book has lead me on a deep reflection….Anyone can catch your eye, but it someone special to catch your heart. I thought of – and listed – all the people who have caught my eye and I tried to give my heart too only to have it end in disaster. Then, because I like balance, I listed those who still carry my heart.

Another day was pure fun… Love is the greatest refreshment in life… Pablo Picasso then I added besides vodka and wine 😉 I listed three of my favorite Valentine drinks (which I’ll have tomorrow for thirsty Thursday)

I’d love to hear about the type of journals you keep.


Mindset Monday

It’s February…

time for paczki’s(fat Tuesday)…  time for Chinese fireworks (Chinese New Years)…

time chocolate and wine (Valentine day)…and sadly, it’s time to reflect on January.
One month into 2018… I had set BIG goals for 2018. So I have BIG monthly goals. Overall the month was sort of a hit and miss.


My financial goal. This happen for several reasons but the main one being I wasn’t mentally ready to ‘cut’ the doughnuts out of my life. But I’ve done some deep personal cheerleading and I think I’m ready to make the leap. This month was scheduled as a ‘spending freeze’. My first response was well that will have to wait until March. I have paczki’s… I have Chinese… I have A LOT. But March is St. Patrick’s, my son’s birthday, and spring begins. I realized that there wasn’t such a thing as a good month NOT to spend money… hence the reason I need a ‘spending freeze.’
Exercising. I did go and walk to nowhere but not as frequently as my goal.
Virtual Assistant. Pretty much missed all of them.


Writing. I did content edits for The Hollow King. I did participate in a critique partner thing (still NO critique partner). I did do some writing but not even close to my word count goal. I didn’t sub my space opera. I didn’t get the edits done for my romance suspense. BUT I did put together some promo stuff and make these cards.
Reading. I started three series. Loved none of them ☹ Didn’t read a nonfiction book. I did make time to do more reading by adding it to morning routine schedule. I moved my nonfiction reading to this time and I’m more than ½ done. I’m also loving my first series book of February.

My pretty pretty new cover!

The cards I made for swag bags. Tasarla Romaney is my YA/sweet/fantasy pen name


Cutting diet coke and sugar – moving towards a whole foods eating life style. I’m actually drinking water. For me this is big… I still drink diet coke. But I’m staying within my 2 cans a day limit. I cut doughnuts out expect 2 times a week (they go with a daily ‘tradition’ and I haven’t found a replacement. But I had given myself to the end of the year to 100 percent there AND I hit my monthly goal.

Completed the Digital Marketing on-line class. AND passed 😊

And that’s my month…. For February, I adjusted my goals to include what was missed in January but I did NOT ‘lessen’ them. I need to keep pushing. If February doesn’t pan out any better for those goals that I totally missed in January, I’ll do some ‘rethinking.’

Did you set goals? If so how did your first month go?

Life… One step at a time

Mindset Monday.

It’s the last Monday of the month…time to review my goal steps. Hands down this has been my focused year ever. I understand we are only 29 days in but believe me this is the best I’ve ever down and even with that said it’s scary to look.

I need to see things in writing because I can swing both ways with ‘inner’ reflection. I can go from with “I’m rocking these goals – hard. And whoever has anything different to say better swerve” to “I suck. I never finish anything. I’m such a loser.”

I need to remember as I review my goals that instead of just asking why didn’t make the step and beating myself up, I need to take a moment and ask:

  1. Was the goal achievable? And I can’t answer, yes but I’m such a looser.
  2. Why do I want this goal? Is it something I truly crave/need? Not just a ‘trendy’ goal…
  3. If it something I want to achieve, what do I need to do to make sure I achieve it next month?
    1. Someone who will keep me motivated
    2. An accountability partner
    3. Better resources (And no not a new planner – see last week to understand)
  4. Is this goal more involved than I realized? So more time is honestly needed.

I also need to do my last book review and get February’s reading list up. But most of all I need to remember to keep the right mindset. That everything is done one step at a time… My life is changed one step at a time… my dreams are realized one step at a time…And doughnuts are eaten one bite at a time.


Tasty Thirsty Thursday

French Toast Shake-up….

For today’s tasty and thirsty the flavor is …. French Toast.

French Toast is a favorite in my house. As breakfast treat and a Saturday night martini 😉

This week I’m going to share my recipe for ‘stuffed’ French Toast bites. I came up with recipe in an effort to use leftover hot dog buns. And well the drink was created on lazy Saturday night when I needed a little ‘comfort.’

20180122_111135.jpgFrench Toast Bites

What you need: 

Hot dog buns

The following portion depends on how many hot dog buns you have:

Cream cheese (plain or any flavor you desire)


Milk or cream



Fresh fruit if desired

What you do:

If you are adding fruit to plain cream cheese:

Mix ½ cup of sliced fruit slightly sweetened into 8 ounces of room temperature cream cheese.



Spread a thick layer of the cream cheese on to the hot dog bun.  Cut into fourths.

Mix egg(s), cream or milk, nutmeg, and cinnamon together in a swallow dish. Dip each of the fourths into the mixture.

Place in on a warm skillet. Turn to toast each side.



A little breakfast comfort at night 😊 I think this would make a yummy cocktail at a celebration brunch, I just haven’t had a chance to try it.

French Toast Martini

2 parts Cinnabon liqueur

1 part cake vodka

½ part vanilla vodka20180106_195129.jpg

½ part Strawberry vodka


Mix in a shaker with ice. Pour into your favorite glass.